The Future Of Gifting

Personalized & Profitable

Plug-and-play platform
designed for enhancing gifts with customized greetings when ordering gifts online

In just a few simple steps, The user can create an
unforgettable greeting

  • Video
  • Text
  • Picture
  • AI guides
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Fay doubles the emotional
value of any gift

Imagine every shopper being able to add a personalized message with video, photo, and text to their purchase—a gift that the receiver can cherish forever and share with others. With Fay, you can achieve all this and more with no upfront investment, making it a truly profitable venture for your business.

Seamlessly integrate with our plug-ins or effortlessly leverage our user-friendly APIs

Our trendy greeting platform can be effortlessly integrated into your retail website, offering greetings as an additional purchase in the shopping cart. This creates additional revenue, attracts new clients, and improves the customer experience.

Kickstart Fay greeting sale

Engaging Experiences For All: Amplifying engagement and fostering customer loyalty, resulting in business growth

Our Plug-ins

You can easily connect to Fay, and start benefiting from our services


Bring the enchantment of Fay's
greetings to your WordPress
website with seamless


Elevate your online store with
Fay, enhance the shopping
experience on your Magento


Enhance Shopify with Fay's
magical greetings, adding wonder
and personalization to every interaction


Bring the enchantment of Fay's
greetings to your Wix
website with seamless

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!
For any additional plug-in requirements, please feel free to contact us.

Our Plans

You can easly connect to Fay, and start benfite from our serives

Revenue Share

With our revenue share pricing model, you can join forces with Fay and enjoy a mutually beneficial partnership. As your greetings sales grow, we share in the revenue, incentivizing our commitment to your success

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Reseller(Per unit)

By pre-buying units, you gain the advantage of securing
guaranteed revenue and the
flexibility to set your own prices
or offer units for free, enhancing the user experience for your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common queries about our service below

Can I choose the colors of the sticker?

Certainly! You have the freedom to select the colors and style of the sticker according to your preferences.

Can I offer the service to my customers for free?

Absolutely! We can explore the "Units Sales in Advance" model in such cases. With this model, the business covers the costs, and there is no charge to the end customer, making the product accessible.

How can I receive the stickers?

Rest assured, we will provide you with stickers at the beginning of our collaboration.

How can I link each sticker to an order?

Connecting each sticker to an order is effortless. You can accomplish it within seconds using the "store dashboard," or opt for the SMS verification process, eliminating the need to attach each sticker manually.

Is it necessary for users to download an app?

No, users do not need to download or log in to an app. Our web application provides a seamless experience where users can access and utilize the service without additional steps.

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