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All you need is to choose your gift and add Fay’s greeting to the cart when ordering a gift online. After payment, you will receive a link to create your personalized greeting in less than a minute with our platform! You will choose how to create the greeting with video, pictures, text, etc... Meanwhile, the business will attach your greeting to the gift in a QR sticker. So… Let's create a fantastic greeting in a few simple steps

Send touching greetings from all over the world that comes with your gift in an amazing experience

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Fay doubles the emotional value of any gift




Get Well





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After scanning the greeting

The gift receiver can..

The greeting forever as a media file
Fay’s greetings can be easily shared on social media by customers, providing additional exposure for the business.
Say thank you
To the gift giver

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common queries about our service below.

Where can I create a Fays greeting?

On our website, you can find the businesses we collaborate with, where you can purchase a gift and add our personalized greeting that will come with the gift you ordered.

Can I buy a greeting without a gift?

No, we currently operate in a B2B model, which means we work through businesses only.

How much does it cost?

The cost typically ranges between $2 to $5.

If I have a problem preparing the greeting, who can I talk to?

We have customer service that is always available by phone during business hours. If they are unavailable at the moment, we will respond promptly on the next business day, as well as by email at the bottom of the website - support@faythefairy.com.

Do I need to download an app?

No, there is no need for users to download or log in to an app. Our web application provides a seamless experience where users can simply access and utilize the service without any additional steps.

How will the receiver see their greeting once their gift has arrived?

They will need to scan a QR sticker or open an SMS.

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